James Lee

Piotr Brzozowski

Mobile&Backend Developer

About Me

I'm currently Computer Science student at Maria Curie Skłodowska University. I enjoy writing tools and utilities, that help me and others with learning and working. I mainly write all my apps in Java language, but the language which I choose for project depends on the project needs.

In my free time I enjoy playing some instruments and cooking delicious (at least for me) food. If I can somehow help with your code, just send me an email

Latest Projects


Pokka - UMCS Timetable

Pokka is timetable, which aims to simplify and speed up use of Maria Curie Skłodowska University timetable. Allows to edit the timetable and export it to PNG file or Google Calendar

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Rune Changer - tool for League of Legends runes

Rune Changer is app, that aims to help players add runes for selected champions at champion select.

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Snapprefs - enhanced features for Snapchat

Snapprefs is a project which offers enhanced features for Snapchat through the Xposed framework.

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